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2400 Wildwood Ave
Sherwood, AR, 72120
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We are Arkansas' premier business telecom provider. We have been involved in telecommunications in Little Rock for over 25 years and have grown to servicing all of Arkansas and Memphis.

User Guides

Here are some instructional guides to help you and your team get set up on your NEC SV8000 series, and IPK systems.

InMail Quick Reference Guide

Wesley Parker

Here are some bullet points to help you navigate your InMail. To access voice-mail press the soft key on the display, and check display for options.

Set-up Tips:

  • Mail box set-up options press 67
  • Record your security code press 7
  • Record your mailbox name press 76
  • Record your personal greeting press 4
  • Listen to your messages press 77
  • Leave messages press 5
  • Exit your mailbox press 9

Navigation/Usage Tips:

  • To call in remotely to check your messages: during the playing of your general company message press the pound key (#) plus your 4 digit extension number.
  • To leave a message for your co-worker: during the playing of your general message press the star key (*) then the 4 digit extension number.
  • Staff with mailboxes only have to dial the voice-mail pilot number (usually 3000) in order to set up their mailboxes. Once there press # and the extension number then follow prompts.
  • Transferring employees into their voice-mail: Press transfer, dial 3000 and then hang up.

Basic Training Instructions SV8100/UM8000

Wesley Parker

To place a call:

  1. Press speaker or lift handset
  2. Dial 9
  3. Dial call normally

To answer a call:

  1. Lift the handset or press speaker

To transfer a call:

  1. Press Transfer
  2. Dial the extension
  3. Hang up phone

First time voice mail set up:

  1. Press VMsg
  2. When prompted, record your mailbox name, press (*) to stop recording
  3. Press (2) for no
  4. Enter the first 3 letters of your first name on the keypad
  5. Press (2) for no
  6. Press (1) for yes
  7. When prompted, record your mailbox greeting, press (*) to stop recording
  8. Press (2) for no
  9. Press (1) to enter a passcode (additional steps below) or (2) for no passcode
    • Enter passcode, followed by the (*) key
    • Re-enter the passcode, followed by the (*) key
  10. Press (1) if you are satisfied with your mailbox settings.

To check your NEW voice messages:

  1. Press VMsg
  2. When prompted, enter your security code (if present), new messages will automatically play.
  3. To erase messages press (6), to archive messages press (7), to go to the next messages press (5).

To check your OLD voice messages:

  1. Press VMsg
  2. When prompted, enter your security code (if present)
  3. To review old messages, press (6)
  4. Press (1) to listen to the message
  5. Press (1) Yes or (2) No to hear the CID number
  6. Press (1) Yes or (2) No to return the call
  7. Press (5) to go to the next message

Other features on your phone:

  • Record: Records your conversation directly to your voice-mail box. Press record at any time while you are on the phone to began recording. The key will flash but there will not be any audible feedback.
  • Voice Over*: Voice Over allows you to interrupt a coworker who is already on the phone. Call an internal extension, and if you hear a busy tone press voice over to make a short announcement.
  • Headset*: This key answers and hangs up your calls when you are using a headset. It will show red when headset is in use. You can switch between headset and handset just as you would with speaker phone.
  • Redial: Last Number Dialed is the redial function. Press the LND key and you will see the last call you made in your display. Press the volume up and down keys to scroll through your last 10 calls.
  • MIC: This is the mute key for you speakerphone. When unlit no one can hear you on your speakerphone.

*These features may not be available on all extensions.

SV8100 Basics/PRI

Wesley Parker

To call out:

  1. Dial 9 to get outside line and then dial the number
  2. Dial 9 + 1 for long distance

To call another extension:

  1. Pick up the handset or press speaker then dial the extension, you can also pre-program extensions to be one-touch dialing.

To transfer a call:

  1. Press the transfer key
  2. Press pre-programmed one-touch button or dial extension number
  3. Hang up

To transfer direct to voicemail:

  1. Press the transfer key
  2. Dial the extension number
  3. Press 8 on your dial pad and hang up

Conference calling:

  • With a call in progress press the CONF soft key, then call the other party, either outside the company or inside. Set up or discuss the call then press the ADD soft key to add the second party then press the BEGIN soft key, the 3 parties will be bridged together. To exit the conference call you can press and hold #8.

To park a call:

  1. Press the designated Park key
  2. Press the All Page Key to announce call is holding
  3. Hang up
  4. Simply lift handset and press the flashing light on designated park line to answer

To get voicemail from outside the office:

  1. Call into the main number 
  2. Press # and your 4 digit extension number
  3. Enter security code upon prompting